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 Free Installation and Delivery on all orders...All Our Shelters include one of our Easy-Clean©  ashtray's and Signage

All Custom Size's Smoking Shelters Available on request


Full Shelter Style   (50% Enclosed) 

Width           Depth         Price

2.0m            1.0m      £1250.00

2.0m            1.5m      £1500.00

2.0m            2.0m      £1650.00

2.5m            2.0m      £2000.00

3.0m            2.0m      £2200.00

3.0m            3.0m      £2400.00

3.5m            3.0m      £2600.00

4.0m            3.0m      £2800.00

Price's Exclude 17.5% VAT



Half Shelter Style (50% Enclosed)

Width           Depth         Price

2.0m           1.0m       £899.99

 2.5m          1.0m        £999.99

   3.0m           1.0m      £1149.99

  3.5m           1.0m       £1274.99

  4.0m           1.0m       £1399.99

Price's Exclude 17.5% VAT


Smoking Pavilion (50% Enclosed)

Width           Depth         Price

2.0m           2.0m       £3799.99

Price's Exclude 17.5% VAT                                                                   





































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